poetry + prose

I enjoy finding various subjects to write about. It challenges me to push the boundaries of tone and expression.
Below is a collection of writing I update as often as possible


sugar, spice & everything nice

Since she was three feet tall, she was told what she should be like

How she should act.

Pigtails swaying in the wind, a school girl facade.

Made of sugar and spice.

Always sweet, always kind.

Never speak when you’re not spoken to.

Be quiet, be reserved.

Always, always smile

Even when you don’t feel like it.

Don’t take up too much space

Always move out of the way.

Now she’s grown into her body.

Being pushed and pulled and told

What to do and how to act for twenty years.

This isn’t it.

This isn't how it’s supposed to be.

She is over the snide remarks on the street

And the pats on her head.

She is done being passive in all she does.

She is ready to stand for something.

To stand up for herself.

To speak out.

To be bold and brazen.

Because life isn't always

Sugar and spice

And everything nice.


After the heartache, she knew what was in store. 

No more looking back at what didn’t help her before.

Because something better was on the horizon. 

Something worthwhile to keep her eyes on.

And so, she went on a journey finding knowledge to behold.

There were endless discoveries to unfold.

The mission?

To find out for herself. 

What could be discovered by the turn of a page, or a neglected book on the shelf. 

In a short time, she was reminded that learning is endless. 

That she will always have herself, and learn to depend less. 

Maybe it was the crisp air that engulfed her lungs once she left. 

Or the way each piece she read was written with such skill and deft. 

Either way, her mind was open to something new. 

Somewhat unexplainable, but inevitably true. 

Fading. fading. gone.

Sometimes there are so many feelings inside. So many that absolutely nothing can come out. Silence. A built up tension from deep within. An aching heart that doesn’t stop. A pulse so strong it radiates through and through.Words forming at the tip of a tongue and vanishing into the musky, humid air. Quivering limbs long for a warm embrace that has been gone for what seems like a lifetime. Stretching. Straining for something that is never quite in reach. It’s visible for only a moment in time, then immediately snatched out of site.

A lost soul. A stolen dream. A worn out mind. Dazed and confused. A heart pulsing so violently. Vibrations felt through fingertips. Cold sweats in the heat of night. A scream trapped so deep within that it can’t escape. Mustering and mustering but nothing to be heard. Or said. Breathing it all in, but not letting it out. Tension so potent. Stabbing and stabbing with formidable numbness. Clenched fists straining for something. But never releasing. Sending smoke signals burning from the fire within. Slowly dying out and fizzling. Fading. Fading. Fading. Gone.

autumn forthcoming

Warm sun fades from a building facade.

Sometimes the best moments in life are flawed.

Light grows shorter as darkness lurks from behind. 

Crisp air fills the atmosphere, giving the city a peace of mind.


Within the silence it is said.

A blank stare you can’t erase from your head.

Dwindling, subsiding into thin air.

Crumbling to nothing, then rising into a flare.

The only thing left on their face, a formidable smirk.

They did everything they could to diminish you, and it worked.


I was born out of fresh soil.

Pulled from the depths of earth.

Constructed of sweet tansy perfumes.

And the scent of wildflower blooms.

The dry mountain air.

And strands of prairie grass twined within my hair.

Bruises black and blue

Healed with wisdom so true.

Damp thunderstorms quenched my parched soul.

And clear, winter skies at night made me whole.

Giving me the gift of moxie, and grit.

I was born out of fresh soil.

Pulled from the depths of earth.


The last of the leaves slowly float to the ground.

My mind is racing, but the air is still.

A lost soul, an aching heart.

Dry lips and eyes.

Stolen glances, pretty lies.

I try and remember.

I remember to forget.

That what we had burns, in a fiery pit.

A bond thought to be so true.

Is now moribund.

Through and through.

lust for love

He began to fall in love with her clarity and grace.

How the shadows at dusk played upon her face.

And the way her eyes glistened like the gaseous stars in space.

Upon his realization she said, “come on, let’s get outta this place.”

body devoid of a soul

Shadows fade with the suns eternal departure. 

Flesh and bones act as a boundless armor. 

What is the body devoid of a soul?

A meaningless void, an endless hole. 

Physicality is merely a disguise. 

A deception until our undeniable demise.