musical dna


Everyone has that adrenaline rush when they're handed the aux chord. So why not collaborate and play music everyone wants to hear?

Created during my DigitasLbi internship, Summer 2017


By quizzing the user, Pandora will generate a personal thumbprint unique to them, displaying their DNA.


This thumbprint is scannable and can be used to connect with other user's thumbprints, creating a collaborative station.

Your Thumbprint

For Valentine’s Day users will have the option to create a virtual mixtape and blend with their soulmate’s thumbprint to create a station exclusively for them.

They will also have the option to personalize their custom mixtape with a creative name and share their station on Facebook and Twitter to show other people their love driven music selection.

Taking the mix tapes an octave higher, Pandora will secretly select five hundred lucky lovers to have physical mix tapes sent to them. 



Copywriting & Art Direction: Sage Lucero
Project Manager: Madison Hines   Media: Rachel He   Data & Analysis: Alexander Barbet
Concepting & Strategy: Sage Lucero, Madison Hines, Rachel He, Chloe Holland, & Alexander Barbet.